The biggest mistakes in dating


Today I’m going to show you one of the most commonmistakes that the novice Smart Dater make:Trying to be perfect.The biggest mistake that I often catch my studentsmake is spending too much time READING things and “preparing”themselves for meeting their dream girl instead of actually DOING and practicing the things I’ve taught them.Listen. You will *never* be perfect.Even I am not perfect. (And I’ve been doing this foryears!)Here is’s a rule that I am probably going to add tothe next Smart Dating Course update:”Good enough is enough.”Don’t try to learn every single technique before youstart flirting with women.Don’t try to be think of every possible scenario oroutcome before you approach a woman.Don’t wait until you’re “perfect” before you approacha woman.Chances, you’re not going to get it on the first try,second try, or even third try. These skills take time and patience to develop. If you obsess about being perfect the first timeyou talk to a woman, you’ll NEVER get to talk to her – period.So instead of worrying about getting it right the FIRSTtime, focus on taking ACTION.Go crash and burn – I beg of you.As long as you learn from your mistakes each time, itwon’t be a waste…because you can only GET BETTER.I promise that you will learn *much* faster if youactually go out and PRACTICE instead if just reading my datingtips.But of course…the biggest objection to this is, “ButI can’t afford to fail…because she’s the only girl I like andshe means everything to me…”Well…let’s just say that if you have this kind ofattitude, then the battle has been been lost. Until you candetach yourself from the outcome of a situation, you’re nevergoing to be *really* good in an area – be it dating or any other area of your life.Here’s the assignment of the week: I want you to getoff your lazy butt and…

1) Make eye contact and smile at 25 women you do not know.

2) Flirt with every woman you talk to casually.

3) Tease the attractive women.

4) Compliment the unattractive women.

5) Go out twice.

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