What if a woman ask you if you have a girl friend


Today’s tip is going to be very short. I’m going to answer one of the most common questions I receive everyday.A question that I always get from my readers is:”Marius, what if a woman asks me about my love life or if I have a girlfriend while I’m on a first date…when I haven’t even had a girlfriend for a long time?”Obivously, you don’t want to “lie” to her and tellher that you have “many” girlfriends when you don’t.Nor do you want to tell her that you’re a loser whohasn’t been on a date for years. (Remember: You needto remain a challenge!)So here’s what you tell her…Tell her “I don’t have a girlfriend right now, butI do have a couple of prospects.”When you get to the “couple of prospects” part, tilt your head a bit, look into her eyes, and smile at her. ThenIMMEDIATELY throw the ball back into HER court by asking,”How about you? How’s your love life?”Or…if you wanna tease her, then asks, “How about you?How’s your love life? You even have one?”It works like a charm!

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